King5 Evening TV Feature & Interview

Posted on September 12 2018

By Tory Savannah

Oh man, if you had told us when we hand painted our first NRTHWST tee that it'd lead to an opportunity to be interviewed by Kim Holcomb​ for KING 5 Evening​ TV, we would've said you were crazy, haha. We had the best time ever meeting Kim and her videographer Mark for this feature. The past 4 years have been an exciting, challenging, rewarding, and humbling adventure. If you've supported or been a part of our brand in any sort of way since then, we just want to say thank you. Like really though... thank you! <3


Link to article: Wander in style with clothing from Wish You Were Northwest

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  • Rich: September 11, 2019

    After seeing this episode of evenings I found your clothing brand for the first time. Sadly at the moment I don’t live in the pnw. Otherwise I probably would have been buying your T’s from day one. I’m a photographer and I can’t wait to get back home, pnw is home.

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