We know that many of you are trying to be more conscious of the clothing you buy, so we wanted to let you know that that has always been a big deal to us too! 

The vast majority of our clothing is manufactured in Los Angeles, and 100% of all of it in no-sweatshop facilities. The facilities have received platinum level certification (difficult to get!) from W.R.A.P. (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), which is an independent group of social compliance experts that makes sure their factories are certified safe, lawful, humane, and ethical. Any overseas manufacturing is fair trade and has independent audits conducted of the facilities to ensure they meet the same standards as they do here in the US. 

Every one of our products is also made in eco-conscious manufacturing facilities. Things like zero-waste programs and solar energy efforts. Their dye house only uses non-harmful chemicals and uses seven times less water than the industry average.

Lastly, our entire collection is built around quality. Manufacturers that use cheap carded-open end cotton are contributing to the garment industry’s huge pollution problem, because no one wants to wear those tees. The worst part is many of these products ultimately end up in landfills. Our manufacturer doesn’t cut corners to shave off a few pennies, and we refuse to use anything but the best quality combed and ring-spun cotton. Every fabric used is unbelievably soft, and made to wear time and time again. We hope our items are ones you will keep in your closet for years to come.