Hi! We're Tahnee & Tory, sisters from the magical Pacific Northwest.

The two of us grew up just outside of Seattle with our parents in a log house on property. Our home was never lacking in rock music, animals, or appreciation for the arts! Day trips were our favorite weekend pastime - usually with no destination in mind - ending with a stop for pie at a diner and a long drive home into the evening. It was on those endless winding roads that our love for the PNW was rooted. Creativity and spontaneity were highly valued and it was never the wrong time to explore.

The two of us still love aimless drives. We also both love loud music, pretty much any kind of dessert, dancing, and fashion. We have a special place in our hearts for the area we get to call home and we view the clothing we design as a way of inviting people into our world. Even if you're not from the PNW, we hope that when you put on our clothes you are inspired to live more spontaneously, and you never stop being curious about the world around you.

Thanks for stopping by! Maybe one day we can wander together. 

Tahnee & Tory
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photo by @tannerwendell