Hair Color Q&A!

Posted on June 30 2017

By Tory Savannah

Hi guys! Thought I would do a Q&A post with the most common questions I get about hair related things, that way it's all in one easy to find place!

Sidetone: I figured why not include whatever song I'm into at the moment with each post. Lately I've been driving around playing LAYNE on repeat, particularly this song. I've been a big fan of their music and Layne's voice for about a year now, so I'm craaaazy excited to say we'll be collaborating with them very soon!! Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for details about that @wishyouwerenorthwest.

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Ok, onto the Q&A!

Q: How do you dye your hair pastel?

To get color to show you, you first have to have light blonde hair, and there are a couple tricks to getting pastel shades. I did a post about my journey to pastel hair HERE!

Q: How did you learn to dye your own hair?

This is the part where I should definitely give a quick disclaimer, in other words, I am NOT a pro! I've learned things over the years from a combination of my hair stylist friends, YouTube tutorials, reading articles, and trial & error. It's always a good idea to keep in mind that all hair is different, and can respond differently to the same products and methods!

This is why if you've never done your own hair before, I highly recommend doing some research and starting out with small test strands first until you feel comfortable doing more. I played around with bleaching my ends, and adding semi permanent colors to them, which really helped me get used to the process without a lot of risk. I also started dying my hair (with box dyes mind you, haha) when I was 14, so I've had some time to get used to the idea. BUT I truly don't believe the process is as intimidating as it might sound.

One of my hair stylist friends said to me once "no one knows your hair better than you do" and she had a point! The more you mess with your own hair, the better you get at controlling the results. For instance, I always wanted blonde hair, but every pro I went to was afraid to bleach it very much (understandably!) so it was always brassy or orangey. When I started going for it myself, I was finally able to achieve the light blonde shade I knew my hair could get to. It might not have been the "perfect" bleach job, but it was what I wanted. If you're willing to take responsibility for your own risks, and enjoy the creative side of it, it can be super rewarding!

All that to say, I hope that my experience will inspire you to do your own thing in your own way, and to remember that the learning process and risk factor is half the fun of it!

Q: What hair dye do you use?

My favorite brand is Manic Panic (and no this is not sponsored!) I listed the reasons I like it so much on THIS POST.

My go-to purple shade by them is called Electric Amethyst. It's a blue tone purple, so on some shades of blonde it comes out more blue. For me it comes out like the photo above; a dusty, cool toned purple. Something I really like about dying my hair purple is that it tones blonde at the same time (purple cancels out orange.) But my other favorite colors by Manic Panic are Cotton Candy Pink and Siren's Song, seen below.

Q: How long does your color last and how do you keep it from fading?

I generally like my color to fade out slowly, so I don't try super hard to make it last. If I want it to stay a particular shade for longer, I will just shampoo it less to stall the fade. I typically use shampoo once a week, and the rest of the time I only use conditioner in the shower, which still strips the color, but at a lesser rate. The rest of the time, I put a shower cap on to stop it from getting wet altogether. Doing those things, I'd say my color lasts about a month or so each time, but goes through varying shades in that time frame.

Q: What is your natural hair color?

I'd say darkish brown.

Q: I want to color my hair but I'm afraid of what bleach will do to it. How do you keep your hair from getting damaged?

I know bleach can be a scary thing, but think of it this way; if so many people can have bleached blonde hair and survive, why can't you?! (And that goes for anything you want in life, really!)

On the practical side, shampooing only once a week with a moisturizing shampoo helps keep it from getting too dry, and I only use deep or moisturizing conditioners in the shower. I also use some leave in products that really help keep my hair strong. My hair has held up well to all the changes, but I do have a couple problem areas, like some sections that take longer to dry, and some breakage here and there. I'd say damage to some degree is inevitable when using bleach, but definitely has never been enough to not be worth it for me! I think if you are careful, and use good products, you can prevent a ton of damage. I'll do a post on my favorite hair products next! 

Q: Do you bleach your hair yourself? 

I used to bleach my own hair, but lately I've had my talented hair stylist friend Julia do that part because I've been liking having my entire head bleached, and I'm not good at getting the whole back of my head on my own! I put the fun colors in myself, because that way I can do it whenever I when I'm at home in my pajamas, heh.

Another thing worth mentioning is that if your intention is to put color over your hair, the bleach job doesn't need to be immaculate. The color will hide any imperfections with the bleach and even give it more dimension. But if you want your blonde to be perfectly even in tone, I would suggest going to a professional first! Also, utilize the power of YouTube tutorials!

Q. How do you get the color out when you don't want it anymore?

Most of the time my colors fade completely out over time. If I want to rush the process, I will shampoo it 2-3 times per shower until it's completely gone. On a few occasions, when my hair has been green or blue, there have been stubborn strands, and when that happens, I've gotten it out with the bleach bath method. That's where you mix bleach, developer, and shampoo together. A trick to making a bleach bath even less damaging is to add conditioner into the mixture. For more details on how to do a bleach bath at home, check out this article: How To Do a Bleach Bath.

Q: Why do you dye your hair?

If I had to try and define it with words, I think I'd say it's because I love finding visual ways to express an emotion or feeling, and doing that in a way that's up for interpretation =) 

Ok, that's all I got for now, I hope this was helpful! Let me know on my Instagram if there is anything else you want to see a blog post about, or any other questions you have...about anything!



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